Mirror Image: Update

This is the novel length manuscript I started in November 2007. The whole plot came to me in a flash and because of that I found it easy to write. I recently read through what I had written in November, expecting it to be disjointed, and was surprised to find that it read quite well (for a first draft). This encouraged me to pick up the story again.

Around 4 August 2008 I started writing again. 🙂

The story is 90% complete and I know how it is going to end, but I felt disconnected from the characters. It took two days for me to realise that I was having trouble, even though I had managed to write about 1,200 words, so I decided to plan the ending in finer detail, in point form.

The story is told from five view points – all of which are important to getting the theme (and message) across. I looked at each view point in turn, deciding what each character needed to contribute to get the story to the climax. I spent three or four days working on this, but at the end of that time I had a clear plan for my writing.

The manuscript is now progressing nicely.

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