2008: A New Beginning

Today I returned to work after a two week break. As always, the break wasn’t long enough, but I’d say that no matter how long I had off work. However, I’m happy to report that I feel relaxed and positive. It’s a wonderful feeling.

What did I do with myself in those two weeks?

Although I wanted to do as little as possible, we were busy. We “entertained” on Christmas Day – as I’ve already written about – and we did it again yesterday because it was G’s birthday. Naturally, yesterday was scaled down to what I’d call a normal bar-b-que. However, it was hot and humid and that spoiled the day in some ways.

We also visited a few people in the two weeks. We did a lot of shopping. And, more importantly, we became addicted to Playstation games…again. We are both playing different versions of Medal of Honor and that’s been keeping us out of trouble, but not particularly quiet.

I also discovered Ebay. I’ve known about it for a long time, of course, but I actually placed bids on several items and won a couple – all Playstation games. It’s nice to buy something cheaper than expected. I haven’t received the items, as yet, but will by the end of this week. I can see that Ebaying could become addictive, but there’s not much chance of that happening to me, because I’m too stingy! 😆

Our internet connection has been somewhat unpredictable. We think it’s a faulty modem and have a replacement, but were not given a power cable and are waiting for that. In the meantime, we are kicked offline without warning. Sometimes we’ll go for hours and other times we can only manage a few minutes. It makes it difficult to do much, but I’m not worried about it. Sometimes I think the internet is a curse, but then the rest of the time it’s a blessing.

What about writing? I can hear your thoughts!

I’m not sure about writing. I haven’t done any. I haven’t thought about doing any. And I’m not sure if I will; except for the anthology, of course. I no longer feel excited about writing. I no longer feel that overwhelming urge to do it. It’s become a chore and I don’t like chores. For the time being, I’m just going to let things be and see how I feel later. No pressure. No promises. No goals.

Lastly, you might have noticed the format of the website has changed. You no longer have to wade through my personal waffling to find writing tid-bits, or vice-versa. The navigation bar above will take you directly to the topic of your choice, which will weed out everything else. The page is automatically updated when I post something in that topic, so it’s always up-to-date.

2 thoughts on “2008: A New Beginning”

  1. Yeah, I’m back at work too. Two weeks certainly isn’t enough.

    I heard you on the writing thing, and I posted similar feelings on my blog. But I’m having fun writing this novel when I feel like it. (Bronwyn’s in Europe and so have some time on my hands ;)) and I’m also writing a story for Bron, which is not serious at all and is a lot fun.


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