Stepping Back for a While

Life is throwing too many curve balls at me at the moment. I’m not coping particularly well with it and have decided to step back from the unnecessary things and give myself time to recover as my health has been affected by what’s going on.

I wrote through the first week of the trouble and managed to be a “winner” for NaNoWriMo, but I don’t feel like a “winner” in life right now.

My writing has abruptly stopped and I won’t be pushing myself to return to it unless I’m ready and willing. This website is no longer important to me, so for the time being I will take some time out and see what happens. It might be a few days before I return or it might be longer. I honestly don’t know.

I won’t be spending much time at the message board or email writing group either. I might drop in from time to time, but I will make no promises as to how much I’ll participate in discussions.

I will, however, try to meet my obligations with the anthology. So if you are an accepted author, at this stage the anthology will go ahead as normal. Too many people are involved in this project for me to step away from that too, so it will be the only online commitment that I will continue to deal with for the time being.

I will drop in to read the blogs of my regular haunts – you know who you are – yet I can’t promise that I’ll leave comments on your posts. Please know that you are the people I often find inspiration from and that’s something I need right now – inspiration, happy thoughts, love. Find it in your lives and write about it, because I need to know the world is not all dark and miserable.

I’ll be back when I feel able to fit more into my life. Right now, I must take care of me.

8 thoughts on “Stepping Back for a While”

  1. Karen,

    Take care of yourself. You will be missed but we understand. I hope things get sorted out. We will be waiting for as long as you need and we are here if you need us.


  2. You get to feeling better…I know how bad things can get, especially when you push yourself too hard. Made myself worse recently because of work when I was sick.

    Rest, relax, and recuperate.

  3. There’s all kinds of weird shows on lately. Has summer come for you guys yet? I still can’t picture wearing shorts in December. 😆

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday, Karen.


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