My Writing Habits

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It’s the weekend and I am hoping to write more words than needed over the next two days so that I have a buffer for when fatigue really does set in. However, I don’t spend much time on the computer on the weekend usually and making myself do so today meant that I had to take drastic action.

Sit me down in front of the computer and tell me to write, write, write … for two hours … and I’ll fiddle about for over half that time and I’ll write little. In fact, I’ll give “procrastination” a new meaning. However, sit me down and tell me to write for twenty minutes and I’ll write as quickly as a distant wind crosses a valley.

You see, I do not like to write for long periods of time.

[ Personal Content Removed ]

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 2,626

Mirror Image – 14% Complete

7,112 / 50,000

Work-in-Progress Page

Those of you who don’t like NaNoWriMo will probably get sick of seeing posts all over the internet for days and weeks on end reporting on people progress. I will apologise for my share in that right now, but it can’t be helped because it’s a major part of my life at the moment. 😀

Procrastination bit me a bit today and that annoyed me enough to make me get stuck into the words. In other words, it backfired and got me writing…so I’m not complaining. The words started out slowly, but then I came to the end of a scene and the next scene was from a different character’s point of view, which allowed the words to tumble out. It was great. I was surprised to see that I wrote almost 1,000 words in less than an hour.

Yesterday, I stopped writing right in the middle of a scene. Today, I finished at the end of a scene. I prefer stopping in the action because it’s easier to pick up the flow and start writing. Having to start a new scene is like having to start a new story…the first words just refuse to be written. I hope that doesn’t cause a problem for me tomorrow.

It’s the end of the week and to date I’m well over the word count required to stay on track. I’m planning to build a lovely cushioned buffer over the weekend so that I don’t have far to fall next week when things might start getting tough. It always pays to be prepared.

I would like to write a post a day, on this blog, in order to keep a record of my daily word count, but I’m not sure if that will be possible. If, for whatever reason, I can’t post I will always update the graph for Mirror Image that can be found by clicking on Work in Progress in the navigation bar above [sorry, the page no longer exists]. Just scroll down the page as the graph is near the bottom.

Now I’m off to relax for a while before going to bed. I do feel tired tonight.

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 2,070

Mirror Image – 8.9% Complete

4,486 / 50,000

Mirror Image: The Beginning

It took a while for me to actually get going, but once I got out of the starting box I was quick to pick up the pace and get some mileage behind me. On my first day of NaNo, I’ve already worked out a bit of a system that seems to be working quite well for me. I’ll share my secret in case it’s something other writers can utilise.

I have a Gmail account – doesn’t everyone? Gmail has a section called Documents and in October I did all my planning in there because I have access to it anywhere I go and I sometimes find myself able to “be naughty” during business hours and work on my planning. 😀

This month, I plan to use that spare time at work to write, because let’s face it, every spare second counts when you’re on a tight schedule. Anyway, I have Mirror Image saved as a Gmail document, but I don’t actually write in that document. Be patient, I’m getting there…slowly. I use Word at work and at home. I write in Word all the time, because I’m used to the program and don’t have to spend time trying to work out how anything works when using it. So…I write a page in Word and then I transfer it over to Gmail. I then return to Word and keep writing. I write another page and transfer it and so on.

This works for me because the writing I transfer into the Gmail document is no longer seen by me, which means it’s no longer seen by my inner editor. Yes, this means I don’t feel the need to edit, edit, edit. I admit that I still do a bit of editing when I’m writing that page. I simply cannot help it. If there’s a spelling mistake and I spot it, I just have to fix it. It’s like listening to a dripping tap if I don’t. It drives me crazy. However, the editing I’m doing is much reduced by this transfer method. My word count for today proves it. I’ll wait while you go and take a peek.

See! It’s a sure thing method. I certainly am happy with my effort and I found the writing quite easy. But it’s only day one and I guess that will change sometime soon.

I could have kept writing too, but I don’t want to exhaust myself too early in the month so figure it’s in my best interest if I go and relax as soon as I’ve finished this post. Who knows, tomorrow might be like pulling teeth and I might need the energy. Then again, tomorrow might be just like today. I hope so. How’s everyone else going?

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 2,416

Mirror Image – 4.9% Complete

2,416 / 50,000

And Away We Go

Today is 1 November and that means the starting gates of NaNoWriMo have opened and the race to write 50,000 words in 30 days begins.

I’ve made a slow start…well, I’m actually still in the starting gate at this time because I have written a word yet, which means I’ve wasted the first 10 hours of NaNo. Never mind. I consider sleep to be an important ingredient to success…of all kinds!

During this month, I will write regular posts on this blog, but they will be short and sweet as all my spare time must be focused on getting words written for the manuscript, not this blog.

I wish all NaNoers focus, energy, lots of rest, and a brilliant flow of words. Now, I have to go and at least open the document and look as if I’m doing the right thing. I’ll update you on my progress tonight, when I hope to be able to say that on the first day I reached the required 1,667 words.

My NaNo Progess:

Mirror Image – 0% Complete

0 / 50,000