My Writing Habits

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It’s the weekend and I am hoping to write more words than needed over the next two days so that I have a buffer for when fatigue really does set in. However, I don’t spend much time on the computer on the weekend usually and making myself do so today meant that I had to take drastic action.

Sit me down in front of the computer and tell me to write, write, write … for two hours … and I’ll fiddle about for over half that time and I’ll write little. In fact, I’ll give “procrastination” a new meaning. However, sit me down and tell me to write for twenty minutes and I’ll write as quickly as a distant wind crosses a valley.

You see, I do not like to write for long periods of time.

[ Personal Content Removed ]

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 2,626

Mirror Image – 14% Complete

7,112 / 50,000

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