My Weekend Goal

It’s the weekend and it’s always good to stretch yourself on the weekend. I’m going to make a public goal. This one is to write 5,000 words over Saturday and Sunday. This will ensure I am over the 40K mark by Monday morning, which will be excellent incentive to reach the overall 50K goal well before time. I have no doubt that I’ll complete the NaNo challenge. I do wonder where I’ll be in the story though by the time I stop writing on 30 November.

Having set this goal, I do admit that I have a slight problem which may stop me from reaching it. Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day for me. I won’t be able to start writing until after 5pm and usually by then I’ve already got most of my words written. Whatever I don’t write on Saturday will have to be written on Sunday, so that will be my incentive to do as much as possible on Saturday night.

Mirror Image is told from several view points and explores several emotional angles. The sub-plot, although planned, has taken on a new twist which is exciting for me to write about. I’ve had to leave myself notes in the manuscripts because I’ve changed direction at a certain point and I will need to go back and edit the beginning to suit.

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 1,946

Mirror Image – 72% Complete

36,152 / 50,000

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