Day 13 of NaNo

I’m not a superstitious person. If I walk under a ladder, I don’t consider it to be bad luck. I don’t worry if a black cat runs across my path. And Friday the 13th is just another day. When I knock on wood, I do it as a joke. And what’s the go with throwing salt over your left shoulder (or is it your right)?

Today, however, is the 13th and everything I looked at or touched went wrong. The phone at work just never stopped ringing and I could have easily thrown it out the window. Many of the callers were just stupid idiots that should never have been shown how to use a phone in the first place. My computer froze several times, so that could have found a nice spot next to the discarded phone. It was quite hot and humid and the air conditioner wasn’t working. I felt drained of energy, but (due to being at work) was unable to have a nap. I generally felt in a cranky mood and couldn’t have been bothered about any of the things I had to do all day.

And the words I wrote today felt silted and waffling. I will have to edit a great deal of them out later. I really did have the “I don’t want to” woes. But I push myself and pushed myself and eventually I hit the minimum word count and allowed myself to stop writing.

I hate writing when I really don’t feel like writing. And I had one of those days. What was your day like?

My NaNo Progess:

Today’s Word Count: 1,670

Mirror Image – 59% Complete

29,475 / 50,000

2 thoughts on “Day 13 of NaNo”

  1. I had that day last week. Not fun.

    My writing has been going ok but I have also felt the “I don’t wanna” feelings. I feel those nearly every time I write. Not good, I know. Congratulations on being so far along, over halfway there!

  2. Maybe you’re like me and don’t actually like to write everyday. I prefer to write when I’m feeling full of energy, and I haven’t felt like that for some time now.

    Best of luck with your own writing.


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