The Story Within

My NaNo project is falling together like you wouldn’t believe. I’m extremely pleased with the result and can’t wait to start writing this project. I’ve already started warning my family that November is “Karen Month” and I’ll be spending a lot of time behind closed doors. However, I’ve also be telling them that I’ll be accepting visitors bearing gifts of cups of tea and encouragement who don’t want to chat for too long. They didn’t seem overly impressed or willing. Never mind. I’ve still got time to talk them around.

Anyway, during this in-depth planning I realised that the supporting characters where just there to look good and didn’t actually have much of a part to play. I knew everything about them, but not their storylines, so I had to fix that. I used the Snowflake method to sort out that problem. Now they are real characters with real problems and I’m now sure their presence will improve the overall story.

I then set about “fattening” the plot so that I don’t run into problems in the middle of NaNo and anyone who has done NaNo will know that we can’t afford to flounder … and there’s definitely no time to sit and think … in the middle of the month. No, we must be able to type, type, type. I’ve broken the story down into five parts – the beginning, three cycles (borrowed from Helen Parocha’s Dynamic Tension Charts) and the ending. During November, this type of planning will help me stay focused, but will also ensure I don’t come up against a brick wall and stop typing. This is exactly what I need, because not having a plan like this will only cause me stress and stress will stop the words from flowing. That will only lead to disaster.

Finally, on the weekend, I realised that this story has another story within the main story which must be told in order for the whole thing to make sense. Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day planning out this mini story. At the end of the day I felt content that the two stories, when merged, will make a powerful combination. More than that I will not say at this stage.

Now I have to merge the plan for this second story into the plan for the first story, so that both are covered from the beginning to the end. Once I’ve done this I’m pretty well ready to write. I even know what the first sentence will be.

4 thoughts on “The Story Within”

  1. “My NaNo project is falling together like you wouldn’t believe.” That’s great news. I have planned more for this story than I have ever before, but not as much as you. I hope I don’t hit any of those walls you talk about.

    Also, I’ll have to check out those tension planning charts. I’m over at Helen’s blog all the time, but never saw that there.

  2. Paul, my last NaNo attempt left me exhausted and burned out, I will not let that happen again and that’s why I’m doing so much planning.

    Kaleb, my story doesn’t have room for humour unfortunately. It just wouldn’t be right for the story that will be told.

  3. Nice work Karen, it’s good to see it’s all coming together.

    I’m working away at my plan and bought a new pen drive the other day so I can take my novel between home and work. Can’t wait for November.


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