Part One of Public Goal Complete

This weekend has been a long weekend for us – Labour Day. Personally, I don’t care what name the holiday is labelled, as long as I get a day off occasionally. Yes, that sounds selfish and I don’t particularly care. I’ve worked long and hard throughout my working life and enjoy every spare moment away from the office that I can. The next break for me won’t be until the Christmas break. Two whole weeks, now that’s a holiday!

Recently, I set a public goal. I had to complete a story arc for both manuscripts one and two of my children’s series in order to start planning book three. Today, I finished the second story arc, which means I’m on course so far.

Now I must move on to the second part of the goal. I have until the end of October to plan book three. This sounds like a long time, but I’ve been thinking about this book – on and off – for some months now and still don’t have any real ideas (except for the ending). For this reason, I hope a month is long enough for the planning. However, setting a public goal and a deadline might just be what is needed to get the job done. We’ll see.