Work in Progress Page Updated

The page was set up when this template was introduced, but until two or three days ago it remained blank. I finally got the opportunity to add some content to the page and that’s when I discovered the progress bar doesn’t work in the page template (although it worked perfectly in the sidebar).

After much struggling and not getting anyway fast, I decided it was time to ask for help. Lesigner Girl over at Illusia not only sorted the problem out for me, she coding the progress bar in CSS so that I could do away with the ugly old table coding for good. Thank you so much, Lesigner Girl. 🙂

The works listed on the page are only a few of my current list of projects. All the completed manuscripts will be added at a later date. Newer projects will be added as I start them. No doubt I will fiddle with the content layout until I get it just right, as this will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for myself as it shows that no matter what I might sometimes think…I do write and I do have the staying power to finish a project.

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