The People of Miu Series

Over recent weeks I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of things I have needed to do. On top of this I became ill, which didn’t help with motivation or energy to do these things.

However, most of those issues have been dealt with (including the illness) and I suddenly find myself in the position to start thinking about my writing again. With the coming of November (and NaNoWriMo) just around the corner, I have decided to set another public goal.

This goal is geared at getting my children’s series – The People of Miu – completed in first draft (although the first book is in the final stages of polishing before being ready for publication and book two will be entering the third draft stage soon).

In November this year I want to write the third (and final) book in my children’s series. I know how the story ends, but that’s about the extent of my plans for the manuscript at the moment. As I’m a planner and not a “seat of the pants” writer, more planning has to be done prior to writing the first draft. And…as this is the third book in the series, I want to tie the three books together.

I decided to develop a story arc for the first two books – noting the characters and main events of each scene together with hints for the future books. I’ve completed the arc for the first book – Cat’s Eyes – and intend to work on the arc for the second book – Cat’s Paw – this weekend (which is a long weekend).

Once these two arcs are complete, I will give myself until the end of October to have a workable plan for book three – Cat’s Whiskers – so that writing of the first draft can commence on 1 November. The first draft will be completed by the end of November.

3 thoughts on “The People of Miu Series”

  1. Good for you – setting goals is very important. I guess I’m something of a seat of the pants writer, but I don’t start until I have a lot of notes and the story in its overall form is clear. A lot of the details come as I write, however, and I’ll often change a major plot development if an idea comes along while I’m writing or if characters or situations refuse to play nicely!

  2. Alan, it sounds like you’re really an “in between” writer. You still plan before writing whereas a real seat of the pants writer just sits and writes. I think planning is the better way to go. I still discover better storylines and go with them as I write. No planning is absolutely set in stone, like some people think.

    Paul, I’m fine now. Thank you. See you at the NaNo starting gates then… 😉


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