A Parcel Filled with Inspiration

Today something wonderful happened – I received a copy of a “test” publication, which had my name on the front cover. It was more than a little exciting, I must admit, even though the story within the covers is not really published as I only used it to experiment with Lulu’s software and it certainly cannot be purchased by anyone but me.

Next year, I will be going through the steps on a real publication – the Speculative Realm anthology – and I wanted to know what to expect. I especially wanted to be 100% sure that what I saw on the computer screen is what the purchaser received…and I wasn’t disappointed in that respect. In fact, my mock up of a cover turned out exceptionally well and I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I’m quite pleased with myself right now.

I can’t wait to show the book to my parents. I think my mother will have a fit when she realises what she’s looking at. That moment will be priceless… 😀

The one thing that I can tell you is that receiving this very special parcel has done something else too. It has given me a wonderful boost of inspiration and motivation. Because now…more than ever before…I want to see a “real” book with my name on the cover!

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