Another Amulet of Kemet Submission

Amulet of Kemet is acting more like a yo-yo than a short story. It is bouncing back and forth between me and publishers at a speed which is frightening. I have a very high opinion of this story, but it’s a bit worrying how quickly it is being rejected. I guess I should think myself lucky that I do not have to wait months between submission and rejection, but the turn around time between the two is a little worrying. It’s obvious the story is not well received. I have to work out why.

This got me thinking about how the story fits into genres. I’ve been treating it as a fantasy story with science fiction elements. That obviously isn’t helping the story find a publisher. In the last few days, I’ve been thinking I need to treat it as historical fiction with a fantasy twist.

This morning I submitted Amulet of Kemet to Solander, which is a magazine for enthusiasts of historical fiction. A history buff will see how finely tuned the characters and setting in the story is to our history. I hope the effort put into writing the story isn’t lost on the reader. I just have to find the right editor and I’m hoping the editor of Solander appreciates this type of story.

Just in case he doesn’t, I better start putting a list of historical fiction markets together. If you know of any, please leave a link in a comment. I will be grateful for the leads.

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  1. Karen,

    If I remember correctly you were focusing on publications that accepted email submission. I have found that editors accepting email submission tend to have a quick turnaround.

    I also understand how hard it can be to find the right editor. I have a story reject with comments, which I was happy to receive. One of the complains the editor had and wanted change was something that was an important part of the story. I could not change it without changing one of the main intents of the story. So I moved on, realizing that that editor was not the right one for that story.

    Good luck with Kemt.


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