A Quick Update

I haven’t done anything writing related this month. However, that was planned, because (as you might remember) I have dedicated the entire month to scanning old photos. I’m doing well with this job. I’ve literally scanned hundreds of photos already and I have just as many (if not more) to go. My goal is to finish the job by the end of the month. I think Iā€™m on target.

After this voluntary break from writing, I’m finding my mind switching over into planning mode. I want to write, but I’m not sure what I want to tackle next. I do have options, so that’s a good sign. At present, I think I might start planning the last book in my children’s series. I’ll see how I feel at the beginning of August.

In other news, I have changed all my blogs and the forum to the same template. It’s a clean template that I quite like. I’ve never had all my websites looking the same before, but thought it would be good…for a change. This is one desk with many drawers, so it makes sense that the “drawers” all have the same lining…doesn’t it?

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