Submission: Amulet of Kemet

As the saying goes, “better late than never”, and that’s how I view this submission. I should have done it within days of the rejection, but I was waist deep in website coding at the time and have only gotten around to doing the necessary research today.

This afternoon, I submitted Amulet of Kemet to Fantasy Magazine. It’s a paying market, which accepts electronic submissions. As the cost of sending manuscripts overseas is expensive, I’ve decided to only find and submit to markets that will accept submissions electronically for the time being. Besides, International Postage Coupons cost an arm and a leg so I really want to avoid that stress if I can. Personally, although I understand editor’s hatred of reading manuscripts on-screen (I’m the exact same), I think it’s a bit stupid insisting on return postage when a simple email costs nothing and is instant (and few people reuse the old manuscript to send out again; I certainly never do, so why not just recycle it).

With this submission out of the way, I can safely report that one of the goals in my four day plan is now complete.

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