A New Start

In recent weeks I’ve found my memory isn’t so bad and I’m sleeping more soundly, which helps me focus on everyday things a lot easier. As my mind is calmer, I find myself wanting to use a calmer template on this website too. I think it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of the next phase in my life.

Today, I have upgraded WordPress to version 2.2 (which went smoothly, except for the corruption of the images which had to be re-uploaded) and I have also uploaded the new template. I still have some work to do, such as creating the Work in Progress page, but generally what you see is the finished product.

You will notice two major differences. Firstly, there are only excerpts of posts on the main page, and secondly, the sidebar changes when you open a page to read the full post. I believe this provides a cleaner looking site. I have also used the navigation bar at the top on the home page to help smooth out the journey of finding your way around the website.

There is one other difference that you may or may not notice. That change is the inclusion of a small piece of coding from Amazon in the footer. This coding will generate affiliate boxes at random. It will pick up phrases or words and will link to an Amazon product. If the reader of this blog follows the link and purchases the product, I will receive a commission, which will help pay for the costs of running this website.

If you notice anything that needs tweaking, please leave a comment and let me know. Otherwise, I hope you like the new look and now it is business as usual.

It Comes Upon Us

The kinks have been ironed out. The page has been validated. The sidebar is just right.

That’s right, the new template for this website is finished and later today it will make its debut. Are you ready? 😀

A Time of Change

Every year I make changes to this website. Sometimes the changes are minor and sometimes they are not so minor. Although the current theme suited me at the time I chose it, I’ve grown bored with it and there are a couple of things that get on my nerves (just a tiny bit), because it’s looking a tad untidy.

With that said, I’ve been working on a test site in order to bring a new look to my writing desk, which may or may not spill over to the forums (I’ll decide on that in the future). The new design is close to being ready, so be warned…a change is coming! 😀

Frustrated Writers’ Program

Today I will post my submission – Cat’s Eyes – to the 2007 Frustrated Writers’ Mentoring Program. This program is open to residents of NSW in Australia only. There are three categories – senior, young adult and junior. Naturally, I’ll be entering the senior section.

The program is run by The Children’s Book Council of Australia and they are only interested in manuscripts written for children and young adults. Luckily for me Cat’s Eyes falls into the guidelines, as do I as the author.

First prize is being partnered with a published author who will provide lots of help to improve the manuscript and get it to a publishing standard, as well as giving insider information into the publishing industry. There is also a moderate amount of prize money to help with expenses. When the mentorship has been completed, a mainstream publisher will read the finished manuscript and provide an in-depth appraisal. As winner of this program, there is a higher possibility that the publisher may want to publish the manuscript, but this is not a guarantee.

The deadline is 11 June 2007 and I don’t expect to hear from them for at least three months.