Four Day Plan Results & Scanning a Life of Memories

Last week I made a public goal and called it A Four Day Plan. In other words, I gave myself four days to complete the items on the list. The plan included 1) finding a suitable publisher for Amulet of Kemet and then submitting the story, and, 2) to rewrite the ending of a short story called Guard’s Mustering.

Amulet of Kemet was submitted to a publisher on Friday.

Guard’s Mustering took more time. I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening on the rewrite. Considering the small amount of writing I actually did, that turned out to be a long time, but I feel readers will be satisfied with the outcome; much more so than the previous ending anyway.

In other news, New South Wales has been experiencing a lot of rain in the past week or two. Being a drought region, we really need this rain and I’ve been told that the local dam has gone from 32% to around 45% full. This is great news. However, our waterways and drainage systems are not built to withstand large quantities of water all at once. The Central Coast found itself under water last week (I’ve seen photos where people are wading waist deep through the deluge) resulting in millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and property. Some people lost everything! It must have been devastating for them. About half of those people had no insurance, so I can only imagine what they are going through.

The rain subsided and the water receded. However, the drizzle has continued on and off every since. This afternoon/evening it is warned that fierce storms will be returning. Whilst the dams are filling and we need the water for that, we no longer want the water in torrents as we know there will be more damage and loss.

I live inland and most of the damage is on the coast, but that doesn’t mean we are safe. We have experienced flooding. The last time was just over a year ago. It is because of that experience (we lost a lot of personal belongings at the time) and the recent flooding on the Central Coast that I’ve decided to undertake a major task. I am going to dedicate July to scanning all my photos and all my parent’s photos. I’m talking about 70 years worth of photos and that’s a lot of work. This is going to be a huge job, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time. I will also be doing this task because of my interest in my family tree. I feel it’s important to preserve these priceless items for future generations. It’s true, they may not care about what’s happening now, but maybe one person in the future will have the same interests I do and I’m going to do this for that person.

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