The End of a Project

In the publishing industry there are definitely ups and downs. Whilst I have been enjoying the “up” of a recent important submission, today I am saddened by a “down” and must announce the end of the 2005 Anthology project.

This project was the second time I co-ordinated an anthology on the message board. At the time, the first collection of stories were hot off the press and I spent many hours searching for a publisher while the second collection of stories were going through an exhausting procedure of editing and rewrites.

The first collection of stories didn’t find publication. However, many editors were attracted by the concept and “thought” about ways of making such an anthology work. But they never managed to get past the thinking and as the industry is not open to anthologies written by unknown writers, the anthology failed to find a publisher. Now, I can understand the reasoning behind this, even if at the time I couldn’t. It all comes down to sales and money. Readers will buy an anthology when they recognise names, but they avoid a book filled with unknowns. It’s a pity, but it’s the printing industry.

Unfortunately, the first group of anthology stories were returned to their owners at the beginning of the year and now the second set of stories follow suit. I do wish all the writers the best of luck finding a publishing on their own. In fact, I feel certain that if the writers do submit, they will be successful…eventually.

I can’t speak for the other writers, but I learned a lot from participating in the anthologies. This experience can only move me further along the road to publication.

In 2007, I am co-ordinating another anthology, but this one is different to the others. In the past, the writers had a say in all decision making. This year, they don’t. This year, the stories will be published. Visit Speculative Realm for more details.

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