Amulet of Kemet Submission

Last Thursday, I completed the final read through of my short story – Amulet of Kemet – and finally found the courage to submit it. No more changes can be made because it’s gone!

In the first hour, after pressing the “send” button, I felt quite sick in the stomach. What if a spelling error got through the hundred read throughs? What if one more read through had found a plot hole? What if…

That sickness slowly turned to excitement. I acknowledge the effort that was put into writing the story, not only by me, and I know it has a sound setting and realistic characters. I could produce no better for the storyline I chose to write about. Now, I just hope the storyline is what the editors are looking for.

I have a one in eleven chance of success with this submission. They are mighty fine odds in the publication business, so I feel lucky to have received an invitation. At the very least, if my story is not selected for the Editor’s Choice slot, then I want the story to impress the editors enough to be included on the next invitation list. If I can achieve that I’ll be happy. However, if I receive an acceptance…I’ll be ecstatically happy!

Reading begins on 15 May, so the waiting game begins.

5 thoughts on “Amulet of Kemet Submission”

  1. Karen, I felt the same way (sick and nervous) when I sent mine–and then I felt like a huge weight was gone from my shoulders! So of course I had to go and jump straight into another project…;-)


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