Chocolate Eggs, Untitled Short & Harry Potter

Belated Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you haven’t made yourselves sick on eating too much chocolate. I’ve been very good this year and have only had one chocolate item all weekend. 😀

I know Easter is meant to be religious, but for me it’s just a four day holiday from work…and an extra short week coming up, because I only have to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yoohoo! I wish it were like this every week. Anyway, the weekend had my attention turned away from chocolate eggs and totally focused on another purpose – writing!

I spent most of Friday (and by that, I always mean on and off sessions; I never sit for hours writing, I just can’t do that) writing the beginning of my new project – Untitled Short. I do have a working title, but I don’t want to get attached to it as it’s not a “true” title, so I won’t mention that title here. I sat down to write at about 8am on Friday morning. Being Good Friday, all the shops were closed for the day. This meant peace and quiet for me. It took me hours to write the first 400 words, but upon completion, I was extremely pleased with those words. I had provided names, setting, background, emotions and a realistic conflict.

In the three days that followed, I have managed to reach 2,855 words at the time of this post. I feel I’m waffling on a bit (in the story), but I intend to keep writing and see what happens. I can always edit out the waffle later. I don’t think I’ve started this story in the right spot either, but that’s OK too. For now, I just want to get the story down. Editing this story is going to be like buying items from a jumble sale. It’s a mix match of scenes that need to be fitted elegantly together. Both can be done, it just takes some patience.

In between avoiding chocolate and writing scenes, I’ve also started reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6). As I’ve said a million times on this blog, I’m a slow reader, but I’ve already read 150 pages. I’m amazed at myself. All I can say is that I must be enjoying the story. (I’ll write an official review when I’ve finished reading the book.)

Untitled Short has top priority at the moment. If I don’t write a post for a while, you can safely assume I’ve got my head stuck in the laptop (and I don’t mean literally).

Enjoy the rest of the Easter weekend.

6 thoughts on “Chocolate Eggs, Untitled Short & Harry Potter”

  1. Good to see you’re writing and that you can cope with the waffle. I think waffling teaches you something about the story even if it doesn’t end up in the finished product.

  2. Last night I almost had myself convinced to start a new story for this project, but today I’m working again on the original one. Like you, I’m just trying to write the thing–I’ll hopefully make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear later!

  3. I agree, Benjamin. To me, waffle is just thinking out loud. I often have to erase those thoughts.

    Sherry, I know the feeling, but I hope your story is on track now and you have that evasive ending pinned down. Good luck.

    Thanks, Deborah. I’m reading book 6 now so that I can read book 7 soonish after it comes out. I think I’ll have to avoid the internet until after I’ve read the book, otherwise I might be disappointed by spoilers popping up everywhere.

  4. Congratulations on the progress of your new project! I can’t get any writing done lately, not home very much due to caring for mom-in-law, and when I am home, I’m trying to catch up on business and blog buddies – LOL

    WIshing you all the best!


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