A Writing Record

I’m the type of person who generally thinks before they speak. Naturally, I do put my foot in my mouth sometimes and regret it instantly. I do react to certain situations too, but doesn’t everyone. However, generally speaking I’m cautious of the words I use in general conversation. I never deliberately set out to hurt anyone so I think about the consequences of my words and often the thinking takes so long, the conversation has turned a corner and veered in a different direction by the time I want to add my two cents worth. Because the topic has been changed by this time, I often just let it slip and say nothing. I’m talking about face to face conversations only.

In my lifetime, I’ve been called snobby, quiet, withdrawn – and a number of other things, but in truth I’m shy and often don’t think my opinion accounts for anything. I also suffer the affliction that if you can’t say something worthwhile then don’t bother saying anything at all. Although that doesn’t appear to be true with blogging either. 😀

What’s this got to do with writing? Everything.

I write the same way. I think for a long time before a single word is written down. I plan for just as long. I want to know everything I possibly can about the story and its characters before I advance to the next step. I never actually discover everything before I start writing, but that’s fine and it supplies me with excitement as the words flow and new discoveries are made.

Yesterday, I realised something. I have set a new record for myself. I did something extraordinary and I’m very pleased with myself as a result. I thought about a short story for 1 day, I planned and researched the story for 2 days and I wrote the story in 7 days. I know some people plan and write a story in a single day, but that just isn’t me. To think about, plan and write a story in 10 days is a gold medal performance for this writer.

2 thoughts on “A Writing Record”

  1. I rarely think before I open my mouth, but most people who know me, know better than to take offence.

    Writing on the other hand I do try to think about before I start, simply because I’m so much more productive if I know where I’m going. I don’t plan every detail, but I do need to know the story is about.


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