Third Time Lucky?

What can I say, I spent a week planning one story only to find it was too much too soon and I didn’t feel ready to write it (as in it was pure SF and I’ve never written SF before). Another story idea was thrown at me and after only a few hours of planning, which is unlike me, I started writing. This is a great story, but I encountered a problem. The next day I shelved the idea as being too big for 5,000 words.

In fact, that is a problem I face whenever I attempt short stories. I tend to think BIG and write that way too. Both these stories should be novels and I’ve decided to put both the plans to one side and try a third time to come up with something appropriate.


Besides the above, I read the guidelines again and think I went off track after visiting Julie’s website, because the story has to be fantasy yet I was trying to write SF instead.

Right, two story plans have been shelved. But…a new story is already coming together. It started with a sentence I saw on the internet – which I will not share, as it will give part of the plot away. From that I went straight into a brain storming session last night and planned a story, which is all fantasy, and meets the other guidelines. When I went to bed I had characters, setting, plot and motive.

This morning, I was up early and decided to turn on the laptop and start writing. This afternoon (and I haven’t been sitting at the laptop all day, by any means), I’ve written the first scene and have a clear path for the second scene. There are only three scenes in this story. The first two scenes I’ve set a limit of 1,000 each and so far I’m within that goal. The last scene can be up to 3,000 words, but I expect it to be around 2,000 (at least). This story is designed for a short story, not a novel, so I know I’ll be within the word count limit.

Yes, in this case, third time is lucky. The Garnet Orbs is the story I will be submitting when I’ve been through all the process of writing, reading, editing and more writing. I could say I wasted a week, but really I’d be silly to say such a thing. That week produced two SF story plans. How can that be called a waste?

6 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky?”

  1. Thinking too big on short stories??? The last few short stories I wrote all ending up being about 15K words! I know exactly what you mean, K!

  2. I’m sorry that your first two ideas didn’t work out, Karen, but you’re far from being “behind” on this project. This morning I wrote an entirely new beginning for my story. I don’t know if I’ll end up using the original four pages I’d written or not. But, we just have to keep moving forward!

  3. It sounds like you’re well on the way with your new idea Karen. I know you’ll make the dealine with time to spare. All the best.:)

  4. I sometimes choose a scene from a bigger idea and write that as a short story. It’s a good exercise for writing, and it can always be used in the bigger idea later!

  5. Thanks for the support, everyone. The story is moving forward ever so slowly.

    Alan, one thing I don’t want is to be told the story feels like it’s part of something larger. I’ve been told that too many times in the past and refuse to be told that again. 😀


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