Book Review: The Time Twister

I think it’s strange that my last post talked about time being lost and moments later I’m writing a post called The Time Twister. Maybe the book I’m about to review twisted my time in real life. 😉

Anyway, I finished reading Charlie Bone and the Time Twister (The Children of the Red King, Book 2) last night. In fact, it was almost 1am, so I should be saying “this morning”. 😀

Charlie Bone hoped the new term at Bloor’s Academy would hold no nasty surprises. But then Henry Yewbeam appears, twisted through time from the icy winter of 1916 into the present day.

With malicious Yewbeam aunts on the prowl, and the Bloors out to catch him, Henry will need Charlie’s help just to stay alive. Bloor’s Academy can be a very dangerous place…

The above blurb is all I’ll say about the plot, because I hate it when a plot is revealed prior to me reading the book, so I refuse to spoil it for anyone else.

The Time Twister is an interesting book. Something is always happening, as it should in any good book.

Midnight for Charlie Bone is the first book in the series, which I might add, I enjoyed immensely. I believe there is a third book called Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy, which I haven’t seen yet, but definitely intend to buy.

From a writer’s point of view, the only thing I see wrong with this series is the fact that the reader has to read the books in order to understand what’s going on. It’s highly unlikely that anyone picking up book 2 will not become confused at some stage if they haven’t read book 1. Do people read books out of order normally? I never do, so this isn’t an issue for me.

I said it for the first book, and I’ll say it with this one. It’s hard not to compare it with the Harry Potter books. They are alike, but different at the same time. They definitely are worth investing time (and money) into.

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  1. I’m glad you included that last paragraph. From the blurb you quoted I instantly dismissed it as a Harry Potter wannabe.


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