The Garnet Orbs Update

Where do the hours go? In fact, where do the days go? I can’t believe another week has flown by.

In that time, I did little writing. I won’t waste your time or mine with excuses. I didn’t write. There are no excuses. However, yesterday morning, I decided to make things right and I spent many hours (on and off) at the laptop. The second scene of The Garnet Orbs did not want to flow they way I visualised it. In fact, the scene just went on and on and on with no direction and no excitement. It was quite depressing. However, at some point, I finally found the right “attitude” for the character I was having trouble with and from there…the words flowed. It took many hours to get to that stage though. Today, I continued the scene and managed to finish it.

The last scene is going to be long and quite different to anything I’ve written before (I’m not giving any of the details away though). It seems this scene is shaping up much like the second scene – I’m waffling on and hoping to find the right ingredients somewhere along the way.

Word count to date is 2024, which means I’m two fifths of the way through.

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  1. I’m about in the same place with my story, Karen. And having just as difficult a time! A lot of false starts and changing ideas on the fly for me. And I still don’t know quite where it’s going! Argh!


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