Productive Planning

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours roaming the internet looking for inspiration for the short story I need to write within the next two months. It’s amazing what can be found this way. And it’s even more amazing what a glimpse of an image or a fragmented sentence might produce in the mind.

First, I googled and used a couple of online generators and found a lot of combinations, most of them weird and not appropriate. However, I saw fragments of suggestions that I liked and I made a note of them…just in case. The planet generators helped me get into the “world” mode and what might be required of my people and the plot. At present, I haven’t settled on anything concrete, but at least I have an idea forming in my mind.

Then, I did a Google image search and looked at different types of aliens, sf characters, weird looking people, extra terrestrials, etc. This resulted in three possible outcomes to the story itself. I haven’t decided which way to go, as yet, but at least I have something to go with.

Next, I intend to write a quick outline of the story. It will probably be 8 or 10 lines in length to start with, but will grow from there.

The initial shock and numbness regarding this story has turned into productive planning. I have three days left to finish the planning. I think I’m doing well.

7 thoughts on “Productive Planning”

  1. Those generators are so great! I like the Rancor Pit one. I’m going to bookmark these to use at a later date. All the best with writing your story – I’m already intrigued!

  2. Interesting planning strategy. I hate searching for inspiration for things like this, but I usually find it pops up in the most unexpected places when I’ve stopped thinking about it so hard! Best of luck with it.

  3. I’m glad you like them, Helios. 😀

    Alan, it’s the first time I’ve done a internet search for inspiration. I guess I’m thinking of timing, and as I usually think for weeks and plans for longer…I have to get a rig along with this one.

  4. Get a rig along? Did you just mondegreen or did I? I was raised English, so I’m quite prepared to believe that I have it wrong, but I always thought the expression was ‘get a wriggle on’.

  5. Hehe, fancy asking me! My family laugh at me all the time for getting expressions all mixed up. I say I do it on purpose, but I really do it to spice up their lives… but, maybe I just don’t know what the sayings really are. 😉

  6. Karen, you are so much more organized than I am–giving yourself a deadline to plan the story! That would freeze my brain to a standstill. 😉 I’m so pleased you were invited, too–I know your story will be wonderful. It’s quite hilarious that we both posted such similar blog entries about it!


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