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Friday will now be officially changed to Karenday. I think it has a nice ring to it, even if you don’t. :p

Karenday is my day off. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to be the case forever, but until the end of June 2007, it certainly is. When my bosses granted me this day of freedom, I was determined to make proper use of it. And so far, I have (except for the first Friday, when I was sick).

Today, I spent my time working on the edit of Cat’s Paw. I was working on the last two chapters, but the second last chapter was by far the hardest to edit. I rewrote large chunks of it, because the content was so terrible. Every time I thought I had finished. I would take a break and go back and read through the chapters again and make more changes. I must of done this a done or so times.

At 8pm (which surprises me, because I thought I’d be up half the night) I finally read the two chapters and made minimal changes. At the end, I was satisfied that the work is over.

You might have noticed the work in progress bar in the sidebar, but in case you haven’t, Cat’s Paw Version 2 is done, complete, finished!

The final word count has risen by over 2,000 words, but that’s fine too. The official count is: 26,708 words (remember, I’m writing for 8 to 12 year olds).

I’ve done the best I can with it and now, I want and need critiques. I need honest readers to read the story and tell me what they think is confusing, delightful, and what scenes are a complete waste of their time (assuming these things exist, of course).

Critique Circle was quite helpful with the first book, so I will put the chapters through there again too. I always find critiques more helpful than not. They make a huge difference to the quality of the story. That doesn’t mean I’ve never received a bad critique. It means I know when to listen and when to disregard. That’s the key in receiving crits.

4 thoughts on “Editing Complete”

  1. P.S. Oh, I expect Emily would be interested in reading Cat’s Paw, since she liked the first book so much. Let me know if you want to send it along to her (okay, us!). 😉

  2. Nice work Karen. The Friday must be a real help. I know my RDOs really make work bearable.

    I’ve found critique circle helpful, but have been using Absolute Write.com’s forum’s crit board and that has helped immensely.


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