A Big Fat Lie

I stole this meme from Sherry, who stole it from another friend.

Below, I will tell you six facts. Five of them are true, but one of them is a big, fat lie. Can you tell which one? Take a guess and leave a comment, I’ll reveal the answer in a few days.

1. I have been on stage numerous times, but the most important was when I did a solo in a Swan Lake ballet performance in Sydney.

2. Years ago, I appeared in a TV commercial. The ad was for Mullenberg bread and I can only be seen in the ad for a mere two seconds, but still…

3. When I was a teenager I borrowed a (real live) horse and kept it for 9 months before giving it back.

4. I was once taken on a training flight in an Navy black hawk helicopter. The engine cut off in midflight and we plunged downward. I was relieved when the engine kicked over again.

5. I often faint when riding a bike, especially in summer.

6. I have had my driving licence for almost 30 years, but have been driving for only half that time.

Can you spot the lie? 😀






Keep reading to find out the truth…






The truth revealed:

1. Truth.

Words can easily misinform, even if they are 100% true. I did have a solo in Swan Lake and that performance was in Sydney, but it wasn’t anything like the statement suggested. It was a ballet school performance. All the schools in the metro area were allowed a slot on the night. It was the only year the school I attended entered and we did a segment from Swan Lake. I felt mighty special being picked for the solo, which signified the run and flying leap Swan Lake is well known for.

2. A big fat lie.

The ad is true in all aspects except it wasn’t me who appeared in it, it was one of my sons. It took three full days of filming to get 30 seconds worth of advertising. All the kids in the commercial were from the same school, but none of them were paid. The money went to the school to purchase much needed equipment. Barry’s line was, “Hmmm, hmmm, Mullenberg.” We laughed ourselves silly after it was all over and he told us he didn’t even like the bread!

3. Truth.

I was horse mad in my teenage days, but knew I’d never get one of my own because my parents couldn’t afford it. My best friend had a horse and we spent hours doing horsey things every weekend (horses were much better than boys). 😉 My parents picked me up from my friend’s place one afternoon and on the way home we stopped at a random paddock and we were patting this bay mare. The owner turned up, a complete stranger, and by the time we got in the car to continue our journey home it had been arranged (at the owner’s suggestion) that I borrow his mare for nine months. I couldn’t believe it. I was excited and scared all rolled into one. The mare was pregnant and that’s why there was a time limit. Anyway, after nine months, the mare went home and on my birthday she gave birth to a filly. And, no, the owner didn’t name that filly “Karen”. 😛

4. Truth.

At the time I lived in a Naval community and was finding it difficult to find a job. As luck had it, I made a phone call to the Navy base on the day the Commodore’s secretary rang in and told them that she had pulled the lawn mower over her toes and had been admitted to hospital to have them reattached. I worked for them for nine weeks before being told the secretary was able to return to work. As a parting gift they took me on a training flight in the Blackhawk helicopter. The trainer often, I was told, switched off the engine at random. It surprised me that he did this with a civilian onboard, but as I said it was a training flight and it was business as usual for them. Anyway, the engine stopped, we plummeted, no one panicked (including me, because I was in shock) and then the engine started again and we carried on with the flight. It’s a gift I’ll never forget.

5. Truth.

I can’t recount the number of times this has happened to me. It’s so embarrassing. Even in winter I can’t be trusted to stay on the bike and upright, instead I prefer to be sprawled out in the middle of the road saying stupid things. After many mishaps I decided to get rid of the bike for good. It’s safer.

6. Truth.

I got my licence when I was 18 and drove for about two years. Then we bought a manual, but as I only drove an automatic and didn’t feel confident enough to drive a manual, I didn’t drive again for over 12 years. When it finally sank in that all the cars we bought were only ever manuals, I finally worked up the courage to have lessons. Three hours later I was driving a manual and never looked back. Fear can stop us doing many things.

5 thoughts on “A Big Fat Lie”

  1. Oh, this is tough. My guess is #1 by a process of elimination. I want #3 to be true because it sounds so cool. That would make an interesting story!

  2. I agree with Helen and Sherry. These are tough! Numbers 1 and 2 sort of tie in because of the acting. Based on your stories about your kittens, I can see you borrowing the horse. I know you don’t like the heat, and I know you’ve traveled by train. So, I’m going to guess at #4.


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