Update: Editing Cat’s Paw

With 19,232 words already edited, and only three chapters to go, I’m doing extremely well with the edit of Cat’s Paw. Having said that, the next three chapters are going to be, by far, the hardest chapters to work on. I wrote them at the end of NaNoWriMo and didn’t put the same amount of effort into them as I did the rest of the manuscript.

Why? Because there are a couple of confrontations and I’m not keen on writing confrontations. I sort of brushed over the two scenes and hastily moved on. Now, however, I have to write these scenes properly.

Even though I can see the scenes unfolding in my mind. I seem to have difficulty translating that to paper. It always ends up sounding stiff and false. Both these scenes are important, but they are not long. One scene is showing the actions of the main character, the other scene is watching another character is the same situation from the main character’s point of view.

Until writing the post, until this very minute, I had not thought of having a connection between the two scenes, but I can see that maybe this would be a good idea. The two scenes could show the differences and/or similarities of the two characters – father and son.

This afternoon I’ve found myself researching archery (even though I used to do archery myself), wolves and why things float. Tonight, I might watch some fighting scenes (group and one on one) and make notes for these two scenes I’m bound to have trouble with. Tomorrow, with luck, I’ll have the edit finished. Maybe.

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