Uncommon Book Promotion Tips

Whether you self-publish or are lucky enough to get published through the conventional method, the author should always take an active role in advertising (or marketing) their own book(s). This goes without saying. Right?

Thing is, we are writers not advertisers, so what would we know about getting our book “out there”?

Thanks to Benjamin Solah, I found an article over at Absolute Write called Uncommon Book Promotion Tips. It’s a short article and some of the tips are common sense, but it never hurts to be reminded of the simple things. Besides, maybe you hadn’t thought of doing some of these things. 😉

6 thoughts on “Uncommon Book Promotion Tips”

  1. Wow! Just wow! I haven’t come by the site in a while, but damn this look is hot! Where was this skin when I was looking for one? Very nice.

    I’ll stick with what I’ve got so as not to be a copycat, but this is very nice.

  2. Great tips, Scribe. I’ve made it a rule to never leave the house without business cards and a little stack of stickers that I had made. And, I have a steady supply of tiny lapel pins made up with different quotes from my novel that seem to go over pretty well, too.

  3. I think there are heaps of “little” things we can do to make people aware of something. I think we should try them more often though. I believe some people get embarrassed to “advertise” themselves or their work. We have to get over that obstacle first, in my opinion.


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