BBC – Get Writing

Struggling Writer is always supplying his readers with great links, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw this one – BBC – Get Writing.

There are informative courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced writers in the Mini-Courses section. Also, if you browse The Craft, you’ll find heaps of helpful articles on all aspects of writing…including a number of genres too.

I haven’t browsed the courses, but I did take a look at a few of the articles and they are easy to read and well written. Go take a look.

Generate Interest

Serendipity has a huge list of generators – names, places, gowns, quick plots, character building, novel titles, names for dragons, and much more.

If you’re stuck on your story, use a generator. Maybe it will open the door to inspiration again.

And if you can’t find something to help you get jump started there, try Seventh Sanctum.