Clearing the Path Forward

Editing the second chapter of Cat’s Paw has been no easy task. It is where the majority of the changes take place and I found it extremely difficult to introduce those changes and keep the same flow.

Shape shifting, loss of power, a mother’s well being, and not to mention a good reason for giving her permission were to be included in the chapter. It’s all in, but now I feel the chapter is too long. I’d get away with it for adults, but children are a different matter. I need to shorten the chapter or find a new chapter break. As all my chapters end with a hook, this makes finding a new chapter break extremely difficult. Where it ends now is perfect. I don’t want to change that. So I will have to shorten the chapter.

It took me three hours to move from page 15 to page 16 — I edited, rewrote, edited, and rewrote again, but I still wasn’t happy. I took a short break and when I returned to that section of the story later, it fell into place straight away.

After spending most of the afternoon – about 8 hours or there abouts – on the chapter, I’m calling it quits for tonight and will return to it in the morning and see what I think then.

Right now, I’m off to do something different for a couple of hours – my family tree. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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