Turn Down the Heat

I heard on the news a few nights ago that the Australian summer has been milder than any we’ve had in a long time. With temperatures staying in the mid twenties (Celsius) most days, with only the odd humid day, I have to agree. It’s been a great summer so far. They said we were in for a heat wave at the end of summer. It’s the middle of summer now.

Anyway, yesterday and today, the temperature had the last laugh and the heat soared! After such mild weather, the sudden 40+ degrees Celsius in our backyard today was a little (OK, a lot) over bearing. Everyone outside was walking around with beads of sweat running down their faces, and probably their backs. It was awful.

Right now, there has been no change in the heat. There is nowhere to go to get away from the oppression, yet lightning is putting on a lovely show for us and thunder is roaring in the background. The three spots of rain we’ve had has only made it more humid. I envision little sleep tonight.

Unfortunately, when it’s extremely hot like this I can’t write. It’s too uncomfortable and I feel drowsy (although when I go to bed, I’m suddenly wide awake).

This week, I’ve been working on an image of my “people”, who feature in my fantasy series. If I had a clear picture when I wrote book 1 (which I’ve come to the conclusion that I did), it disappeared when I wrote the second book. Anyone reading the story wouldn’t realise they are reading about non-humans, so I have to fix that error. I think I’m spending a bit too much time on this, so I will ensure I have this issue finalised over the weekend.

Although I planned to start the edit of book 2 this month, that hasn’t happened. I have decided to make changes to book 1, which I want finished by the end of this month. The list of changes is short, so this goal will be easy to reach. This means February will see my attention turn back to book 2 and the big edit.

4 thoughts on “Turn Down the Heat”

  1. We’re in “winter” now, but I know what you mean about summer. I usually enjoy it for a month or so, then get annoyed by the heat. I certainly can’t write or sleep in the heat of summer without air conditioning (we have a window air conditioner). I hope things get milder.

  2. We’re in “winter”, too, although you’d hardly know it. So far it’s been very, very mild. Weirdly so.

    Karen, I don’t think you should worry about spending too much time getting your non-human race firmly planted in your head. You need to have it there in order to convey it to your readers. Don’t obsess about it, but don’t worry about the time, either. I think you’re spending it wisely.

  3. It seems everywhere is having “milder” weather. This is good in a sense, but long term, I wonder what it really means.

    Paul, our air-conditioner is extremely old and retired itself a year or more ago. I missed it a lot yesterday.

    Benjamin, I know the feeling. My eyes don’t seem to feel the right size for my head today. I’m glad I didn’t have to go to work.

    Sherry, you’d laugh if you saw me with my “drawing”. It’s embarrassing thinking about it. But the time spent on this has helped me a lot. Thanks for the encouragement.


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