The Miuan People

Yesterday, I spent several hours working on the image of the people of my world – Miuans. After many “not pleasant” results, I finally ended up with a “race” I could be proud of. I would share the image, but I feel that a writer should know in their own mind what they are describing, but allow the reader to come to their own conclusion too.

The description given of my new race of people in words came over just fine, but when I translated those words into a drawing – eek! Total freak! Due to this discovery, I had to work on the image until I was happy, otherwise I wouldn’t work on the story again. I knew that to be a fact.

Thank heavens I found something that satisfied my inner critic. This was no easy job, because I can’t draw and this meant I had to manipulate existing images. This took many, many hours over many days.

The Miuan people have been saved. 😀

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