Into the Night

Yesterday, I complained about the heat and made a prediction that I won’t be able to sleep. You know, sometimes I hate it when I’m right and this is one of those occasions.

It felt like I was trying to sleep in a sauna. The slight breeze outside came from the wrong direction, so missed my bedroom window altogether. I tossed and turned for hours, counting the seconds, which seems to be a habit of mine lately.

Needless to say, I got up this morning feeling irritable and cranky (some would say “what’s new?”), but being the perfect person that I am…I find it hard to move through a day in this subnormal condition. I had this great set of goals for today, and so far I have felt to sluggish in body and mind to do anything other than sit in this chair and surf the net.

The good news is…it’s overcast outside, and much cooler. Maybe I’ll have a nap after lunch and that might help get my batteries recharged. Maybe.

6 thoughts on “Into the Night”

  1. I suffered from a form of insomnia in my early twenties, it drove me craze, I couldn’t sleep at night no matter what I did, but as soon as i got to work or needed to do something I’d be struggling not to fall asleep.

  2. Oh, poor Karen. Global warming must really be kicking in…

    Well, it’s winter here in Northeastern America. Brr, it gets so cold. But still no snow, which is what I have been waiting for…

    I don’t suffer from any form of insomnia…Though that is probably because I am only 14.

  3. Yes, completely. I think it was tied in with a few other things that disappeared around the same time. That was about ten years ago, now I sleep like a baby every night.


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