I’m Proud of My Baby

The end of the month is less than a week away, which is meant to be the deadline for my read through and final edit of Cat’s Eyes. I have to admit to lagging behind on this goal. However, being as today is Australia Day – a public holiday – I decided to buckle down and get stuck into the work.

This means I have finished the read through and have added, on paper only, the things I felt were missing from the first manuscript after I finished writing book 2. All that needs to be done now is to transfer this work into the computer file. I’m taking a break now, but intend to start doing this a little later.

Would it be crass to tell you how much I like this story? Well, I do (like it, I mean)…a lot. In fact, after this read through I’m even more determined to finish the series and get it published. I only found one awkward paragraph that needed fixing and one typo. Other than that…Cat’s Eyes is great! I’m proud of it.

I think it probably is crass to say that, but I’ve said it anyway. 😀

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