Cat’s Eyes: Read Through

Although I promised myself that I would start the read through on Cat’s Eyes on Thursday night. I didn’t. I let worries get to me and distract me. In fact, I let those worries take hold of me on Friday too.

This morning, however, I woke with the birds and sat in bed with the manuscript and my notebook. As I read the story, my story, I have to admit that I felt chuffed. The first three chapters only had a couple of minor changes to be made. The characters, I feel, are well defined and the plot is unfolding nicely. This lifted my spirits, because I can see that the story is well written, even if I do say so myself.

Today is hot and humid. In fact, just half an hour ago (at 4.30pm) it was 46 degrees celsius in our backyard. It’s not much cooler in the house. It’s too hot to do anything. I tried to find a cool place to read, but there is no such place. Soon I’ll go and have a cold shower and get changed. We’ve decided to go to an air-conditioned restaurant for dinner. Maybe that will cool us down for a while and maybe we’ll actually eat something while we’re there. And maybe…here’s wishful thinking…a cool change will come along, while we’re in the restaurant and cool everyone down so that we can actually sleep tonight. We can only hope.

3 thoughts on “Cat’s Eyes: Read Through”

  1. Benjamin, they said we’re in for a heat wave and the recent weather proves they are right. I hope you continue to find ways of staying cool.

    Marti, it’s funny how we can be sooo hot and other parts of the world sooo cold. Ice and snow…hmmm…nice!


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