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Since returning to work after the Christmas break, I have found that I can no longer reach this blog from work, which is a real pain. I don’t think my workplace has done anything to stop me. I believe it has something to do with the problems I’ve been experiencing on this website for the last few weeks. Anyway, in the evening, I tend to do everything else except visit my own blog. This means, my blog is being neglected. Part of me worries about this, but the other part of me just shrugs this off with a “who cares” attitude. After blogging for so long, you tend to run out of things to say.

As always, I like to make public announcements when setting goals, because I’m more likely to stick to them that way. It took me longer than I thought to save the people of Miu, two whole weeks, but save them I did. Now, my plan is to return to Cat’s Eyes. I feel I have to reread the manuscript and add some things I know are missing now that book 2 has been written. This sounds like a mammoth job, but it’s not. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the month.

My problem is, I’m reading a book at the moment, and really want to finish that before I start reading Cat’s Eyes and doing the edit. Sounds pretty stupid, really. However, I’ve never been able to read two books at one time and I am enjoying the Charlie Bone book that I’m reading and don’t want to put it down at this stage of the story. If I continue reading like I have been in recent weeks, I should have the book finished by the weekend.

This will mean I’ll have less time to do the edit, but so be it. Besides, if I’m not reading anything I’ll be able to put all my attention and 100% of my focus into the edit. That’s my plan, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. Karen, I don’t have a problem reading more than one book at a time–except if one of them is my own. Then I’m like you, and I don’t read anything else at the same time. I think getting the one you’re reading out of the way first is quite sensible!


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