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I googled “submission planner” and came up with this website – Writer’s Planner. It’s a free online planner for writers (which is stating the obvious, I know) where you can track your queries and submissions.

I set up an account and entered Cat’s Eyes and three of my short stories to see how easy the site is to navigate. At first, I got mighty lost, but once I got used to where things are placed it’s not that difficult. Although the owner says you can track queries and submissions, there isn’t a way (that I could find) to distinguish between the two, which is a shame. Querying and submitting are quite different, in my opinion, and should be separate from each other. Also, I would have liked to see some additional options for completed manuscripts that might need editing or further rewrites, before they get to the query/submission stage. My manuscripts that fit into this category have not been added to the site, which means my list is not complete. What a shame.

I haven’t used the site long enough to really recommend it, but if you are looking for a service like this, it costs nothing to try.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Planner”

  1. As I couldn’t add all my work to the list, I actually stopped using the site and started my own database at home.

    Your site could be improved if you had additional statuses to go with “In Submission”, such as:

    First Draft

    Also, it would be nice if the story/article entered could be categorised into:

    Short Story

    This would make it easier to keep track of them.

  2. I’ve been trying a small program called “Write Again!” to keep track of those things. Too bad it’s not free, but the trial is. I don’t know how well it may fare on the long run, though.


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