“The End” is Near

This morning, having not slept well during the night (in fact, for several nights), I was up at 6.10am. I made myself a cup of tea and turned on the laptop. The house was quiet, because no one else was awake … so I wrote. An hour and a half flashed by in an instant. I finished chapter 13 and started chapter 14. Tonight, right after I finish this post, I’ll head back to my writing desk (which is in another room to my internet computer) and will continue writing. I’m hoping to finish chapter 14 today, which will mean I only have one chapter to write and that won’t be a long chapter. At a little over 22,000 words the end is in sight. I haven’t updated the progress bar, but will do so later this evening when I have finished writing for the day. I doubt I’ll reach 25,000 words, but that isn’t an issue either.

It’s probably not a coincidence that I have been wanting to write at all hours of the day for the last few days. I want to finish the story. It’s exciting to be this close to “The End”. Not to mention the Mini-NaNo goal. It’s important to stick to that as well, but it’s not a driving force.

As I mentioned in a recent post, writing every day is not for me. I have done it (mostly) for this entire month, but it’s not something I’ll continue to do. To me, it’s more important to feel relaxed when I sit down and write. Setting a goal of a chapter a week, or so many words a week would be more ideal.

Anyway, until this manuscript is finished, you probably won’t see much of me. So…until then…happy writing, everyone!

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