Mini Na-No Update

Time is of the essence. I think that is a saying which means that something has to be done right now, it’s of the utmost importance. For me, it means that every second of the day seems to be accounted for. There is no spare seconds. So time is of the essence.

This would account for the complete draining of my energy. Why my brain is working in slow motion. There is so much I want to do because life is so short, yet the days whiz by in a blur, leaving me in wonder. What do I have to show for those 24 hours?

Not a lot.

For those of you who know about my first attempt at NaNo, three or four years ago, you might be feeling a bit apprehensive right about now. Please don’t worry. My energy has not been depleted by Mini-NaNo. I am deliberately making sure that I only do the necessary words. I am not pushing myself. And the words are flowing nicely. Today, I hit 10,710 words. I’m pleased with that.

Along with my required word count for Mini-NaNo, I also wrote a post for another blog today with over 2,000 words and I still have not reached the end. Then there are the comments I’ve left on other people’s blogs and message boards. No wonder I feel all written out, but here I am writing just a few more words anyway. 🙂

And now, I must go and relax, and let my body recharge. I think someone I know will be having an early night tonight.

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