A Surprise Development

If you read this blog often you will know that I believe in planning…and planning fully. I know that some of you believe this will cramp your style or that there’s no room for being creative in the actual writing process, but I’m telling you that you’re wrong!

Planning every aspect of a story doesn’t mean you will become bored. Remember, all plans should be done in pencil, which means the plans can be easily changed at any time during the writing process. The completed planning is used as a guide only, so that you can finish the story and not get stuck in a corner somewhere with no way out. You, meaning the writer, will still discover surprise twists and turns along the way. Writing the story can still be exciting from beginning to end.

You’re still not convinced?

Well, during the writing of book 2 of my children’s series, an unexpected surprise development occurred. I had no idea that the plot would take this sudden change in direction, but it felt natural and I went with it. And by doing so, an obvious opening appeared for another book (and possibly series) using the same world in the future – a series that would be written for young adults. At first, I didn’t think this would work, because the current series is for children. But upon reflection, I realised that it would be perfect, because children become young adults and the readers of the Cat’s series may well want to return to the world and discover how it has changed in years to come. Besides, if they have read the series, they will want to know what happens where this plot twist happens in book 2.

The two series would be stand alone from each other. In fact, every book in both series are meant to be stand alone too.

How exciting! I’m feeling inspired by this turn of events and I’ll let you know what I decide to do.

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