Planning Progressing

It’s amazing what a difference a few days can make. Earlier this week, I had a vague idea about the plot for book 2 in the series, and no idea (except for how it had to end) for book 3. Today, both books have a draft plan (which still needs to be expanded on).

This weekend, I will continue to plot both books. Why both books? Well, there are things in book 1 that intentionally are there as reference points for book 2. I think it’s important to know where the series is heading so that I can include tiny hints in book 2 regarding the final story of the series. I believe this will tie the three books together much better, even though all three will be stand alone.

Due to the lack of interest from the editor I wanted to send Cat’s Eyes to for a professional edit, I’m reconsidering my strategy. Last night, I found myself drafting a cover letter for submission to a publisher. I’m feeling excited at the prospect of sending this manuscript off. It will inspire me to get moving on book 2.

I just hope the heatwave Sydney is having at the moment doesn’t get too bad that it stops me from obtaining the focus I need to concentrate for any length of time.

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