One-Page Summary

It’s amazing how an idea can turn completely around in a matter of a week. Last week, my characters were chasing a known kidnapper, but this week a new character enters the story – Kao and the plot has gone in a new direction. This new character (notice I didn’t call him a human or a person; there’s a good reason for that) is weaker than the antagonist in Book 1. But weak doesn’t mean two dimensional; it means he is unpredictable because he’s scared and he takes unnecessary risks. Sounds like a great characteristic for a story!

The fantasy world in which the story is set has grown too. I am enjoying the turn in events here. I did some research (I’m not telling you what about, because it’s a secret) and discovered that what I planned for the setting is actually a real, but not well known, myth. Perfect!

With characters coming alive in a setting that feels real, the one-page summary of the story flew onto the page. From this summary, I will write a chapter plan, which will be a little more difficult, but come 1 November I’ll be ready. I’ll still have room to be creative, because I haven’t planned every detail. I just like a rough plan so that I know how to get from point A to point B and then to point C and so on. I will still have to make decisions along the way, but at least I’ll know where I’m heading. I never did like driving without a map.

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