It’s In the Post

Part of my day job as a secretary is chasing overdue accounts. It’s the one part of my job that I don’t enjoy, and can be stressful. One thing I hear often is, “it’s in the post” and I know that 95% of the time I’ve just been told a lie. I get so angry at that because the person may fall into the other 5%, so I have so be polite and say thank you.

One long time company who is permanently on my list has gone way past the “it’s in the post” stage. Now, as soon as I ask for the accounts department (I do ask for the person by name) I know, without a doubt, that I’m going to be told, “she’s not at her desk”. Well, on Friday, I’d been told that once too often (every day for the last week) and I decided that enough was enough. I told the reception that the person concerned was never at her desk and she should be replaced. I then went on to say that I’d come to the end of my patience and I’d no longer talk to the puppet, I wanted to talk to the puppet master. “Put me through to her boss.”

My anger came through in my voice. The receptionist knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I spoke to someone, and I spoke to someone who could make a decision…now! She put me through.

Oh, the big boss himself. That didn’t faze me. I promptly told him that his accounts clerk was never at her desk and needed sacking. Then I told him that if a cheque was not forthcoming then all future reports would be held until payment was received. (Reports that I might add are essential to their own business.) He put me on hold for almost two minutes, that annoyed me too, but when he came back he told me that a cheque would be posted that afternoon. I told him we’d hold the reports until the payment was received, and hung up.

We’ll receive the cheque on Monday.

What’s this got to do with anything? Nothing really. When I typed in the title of this post, I thought of that story (which is 100% true). It shows how words can spark emotions in us. “It’s in the post” are such words for me.

However, today it’s my turn to say “it’s in the post” and I’m not telling fibs. Cat’s Eyes is in the post to the publisher. My feelings, instead of the usual anger at hearing those words, are ones of elation. I’m so excited!

These feelings alone are different for me. In the past, with previous manuscripts, I have felt uncertainty and worry, but with this manuscript I am feeling quite positive. Maybe this publisher won’t be interested (that would be their loss, however), but this manuscript is not sagging in the middle, does not have cardboard characters and isn’t lacking a believable plot. This manuscript is solid. I’m proud of it. And yes, I am biased, but I believe this manuscript has a future.

Must run, I have a story to plan!

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