Introduction to Podcasts

Podcasting isn’t new to the internet, but it is new to me. I was introduced to podcast through Terry at Never Was (website no longer exists). Each Friday, Terry releases the next episode of his serialised story called Shadow Hunter. So far, I’ve enjoyed every instalment and have become a regular listener.

For me, I would prefer to listen to a short piece of fiction in this way rather than try and read it onscreen. Honestly, I would soon give up on a serialised story if I had to read it every week/day, but listening to a podcast is different. I can sit back and enjoy the scene, sipping my hot cup of tea, without any effort whatsoever.

I’m yet to listen to other podcasts though. Terry features a promo each week. They always sound interesting. However, upon checking them out I have found that the episodes can be quite long, which I find off putting.

If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, why not head over to Never Was and listen to a few episodes of Shadow Hunter. And if you want to try a few others, then you should go through the list at The Podcast Directory, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

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