Get Ready…Set…

In less than 24 hours (for me) NaNoWriMo starts. Are you ready? I’m pretty sure that I am. My characters have been walking around in my head, getting to know each other. The fantasy world is solid. My chapter plan is prepared. And I have the opening line figured out.

Tonight, I will set up the template so that tomorrow afternoon (after work) I can just open the document and start typing. However, with luck, I might even make a start at work. I rarely write at work, but every paragraph counts in November. 😀

During the last few days I’ve tried to catch up with everything else I normally do. I even tried to set up my scanner, but discovered the software isn’t compatible with XP. Whilst I can use the scanning software built into XP with my scanner, I don’t want to because it means I have to scan the photo and then open the image in another program to cut it down to size. That’s double handling and I’m too lazy to do all that, especially when I have hundreds of photos that I intend to scan. It’s too time consuming. This means, I may have to look at replacing the scanner. They are not that expensive, but I’ll have to think about it.

Anyway, tonight is the last night to relax before the storm hits. What do you plan to do in those final hours before NaNo?

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