Countdown is On!

At this time in three days I’ll be happily (hopefully) typing away at the first chapter of book 2 – Cat’s Paw – during my first session of NaNoWriMo for this year. In the meantime, I’m trying to get all the other things I normally do out of my system. Because November will be a full month of writing and I won’t have time for anything else.

Yesterday, I played the Playstation for hours! It was so much fun. Killing monsters, finding clues, trying to keep my characters alive long enough to get to the next save point. I did well.

G walked through the lounge room several times, shaking his head. At one stage, he said, “I was totally wrong about you.”

“What about?”

“I thought you were nice and sweet.” He shook his head again. “How did I get involved with a blood thirsty killer?”

I laughed. “I’m a good actress.” I gave him my best “innocent” smile and then turned and killed another monster.

Then, when my head was about to cave in from having television eyes, I turned my attention to a project I’m planning for 2007. The details are a secret until December, but I made excellent progress with what I was doing. Thing is, I can’t figure out why my head was about to explode with staring at the television, but when I stared at the computer instead, it was fine. I guess it’s like eating a roast dinner when you’re a kid. Eating all those vegetables fills your stomach to the brim, until you know that one more mouthful will result in something terrible happening. But when, a moment later, apricot danish and custard is put in front of you…there’s plenty of room! I used to try and explain this to my parents, “Mum, desserts go down a different hole and go to another part of the stomach. That’s why there’s always room for dessert.”

She never did believe me! 😉

The third “project” for yesterday was to start reading a new book, but I didn’t get around to that. I spent too many hours on the other two things. We ended up staying up real late (1am)…but…I forgot about daylight savings starting. The clocks (for us) went forward an hour, so it was, in fact, 2am! No wonder my eyes are hanging out of my head today.

With 48 hours of freedom left (before NaNo starts), I am torn between relaxing with that book I plan to read next (False Impression) and seeing if I can put a huge dent in the number of pages I read between now and then. Or…will I use that time to set up my scanner and scan in my photos so that I can make a DVD presentation of Barry’s life. There’s no hurry for either so I’m not pressured to make a decision. I’ll just go with the flow.

On a side note: I’m listening to The World’s Greatest by R. Kelly. It’s a song that Barry used to listen to a lot. It’s so inspirational, so uplifting. At this moment, I’m feeling positive. I feel that life is slowly improving. It’s the most relaxed I’ve felt since 18 May 2006. Life will be good again, I can feel it.

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