Cat’s Eye’s: Final Version

I am pleased to announce that I just finished the final read through, including some slight editing, of my children’s chapter book Cat’s Eyes.

The manuscript is 100% complete.

A few days ago I wrote that I feared the read through might turn into another major edit. It didn’t. Yes, there were a few sections that still sounded a bit confusing, so I fixed those. But, generally, the manuscript was polished and the flow was smooth. I feel pleased with my efforts. I’m also pleased with the fact that my grief hasn’t affected my writing. And…I love the story! 😉

Now, I have to contact the editors I’ve chosen to send the manuscript to for a professional edit and see what they say. I know that the company I’ve chosen is quite busy, but I can only hope that they say they want me to send it in straight away. I’m feeling a little nervous, so wish me luck.

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