Cat’s Eyes: Final Read Through

As I reported in Cat’s Eyes: Edit Complete last week, I decided to give the manuscript one final read through before sending it out for a professional edit.

I started that read through yesterday. With any book that I read, I can normally only read for an hour at a time before I start getting restless, so that’s how long I spent reading. I got through the first five chapters (there are 14). I know I’m bias, but really, I loved it! 😀 There were a few places that needed the order of words swapped around to make the scene clearer, but generally the five chapters are polished to the best of my capabilities. The flow is good, the characters rounded, the setting real and plot makes perfect sense. Yes, I’m pleased with myself. Does it show?

This is a long weekend for Australians, which means I have this afternoon and tomorrow to finish this read through. Although technically, if I return to my public goal I set last weekend, I actually have until the end of next weekend. I’m doing well.

I’m just hoping that the flow, characters, setting and plot continue the way they started. If they do, I’ll be giving myself a huge pat on the back.

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