Cat’s Eyes: Edit Complete

The edit of Cat’s Eyes is complete.

At 9.45pm last night, I reached the end of the manuscript and saved the file for the final time. I then sat looking at the screen in disbelief. After months of writing, rewriting, suffering a non-writing period, then editing; the manuscript is complete. It feels good, but…

Because I did a quarter of the edit after my son passed away, I don’t trust myself. I have to read the entire manuscript through one more time and make sure that everything is just right.

I hope this read through doesn’t end up another major edit. I hope I don’t find anything amiss. I want to send this manuscript off for a professional edit. I believe this manuscript will be “the one” and a professional edit will “seal the deal”.

I’ve decided to make a public goal (I always do better when I do this). I want the reread, and touchup, to be completed by the end of the day on 8 October 2006. That’s two weeks. I can do this, but wish me luck anyway. 😀

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